Power of Art is a global movement, beginning in Los Angeles, enlivening communities through innovative storytelling of today’s creatives.

We inspire people to live their dreams.

Our mission is to capture the story of every single creative who inhibits the city and create an alliance of dreamers.

For artists. By artists. But hey. If it helps the rest of the world, sweet.

Greece. Italy. Paris. Spain. Thailand. What do we go to see when we travel? The Pyramids. Sistine Chapels. Sculptures. Temples. Michael Angelo’s. The list goes on of the art history we set out to see all around the world. Once upon a time, artists were not only edified, but they were a necessity to society.

Um. Fast forward. According to society, artists are all starving now. So what the fuck happened?? Technology maybe. Greed. Who knows. Who cares.

It’s time for creatives to create a space for themselves. To unify and inspire each other. To bring the value back into art. To Collaborate and build each other up. Share Information and Resources. To leave their mark.To bring value back through showing the world the Power of Art.


Oh just a plus, we have secured mural access to over 4,000 signal boxes in Los Angeles. With these boxes, artists will have the opportunity to showcase their work and their personal stories.


Mai-Ly Spiller697e4b_f1a7d6fa4b604d9a8e0211f27f8f2dde.jpg_srz_p_136_137_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

As a mixed media artist, Mai-Ly paints, draws, sculpts, and works with different mediums to explore life and society. Mai-Ly started her first business when she was 7, she would charge kids $0.25 cents to draw art on their hands. As she grew up, she continued to use innovative ways to incorporate art with business and technology into commercial markets. Mai-Ly became obsessed with improving the world through art, dedicating herself to serving and creating opportunity for artists. She developed a limited edition clothing line –one that put art on apparel–to help promote artists and give back to third world countries. Since then, Mai-Ly has expanded her vision by co-founding a platform that creates opportunities for artists and everyday people around the world.

Robert Carpenter697e4b_ca32775e73704995b09fff368b2a4531.jpg_srz_p_136_137_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

As an educator, executive, and serial entrepreneur, Rob started his first business when he was 9–he would pick people’s flowers from their yard and sell them back to them. Since then, he has co-founded other ventures in education, technology, and art, and has developed an obsession for helping to improve the world. Rob has worked with organizations like Google, Disney, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the White House, and his writings and ventures have appeared in the New York Times, People Magazine, CNN, Fox, and more. He is recognized as an authority on Leadership, Strategy, and Communications, and his dream is to help others realize their dreams.


Emily Abrams

Jessica Howard

Joy Moh

Megan Sette

Cristian Yancey


Power of Art is officially collaborating with Council District 11, Venice Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, El Pueblo, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Creative Artists Agency and Clear Channel Radio to promote artists and their work.